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Please note the following is a general Job Description.  Reasonable accommodation is provided to all qualified applicants.  An equal opportunity employer, this company hires U.S. citizens and aliens who are authorized to work in this country.


Under the direction of the Area Manager and Night Supervisor, park, secure and retrieve customer’s vehicle in a safe and efficient manner at assigned parking locations; communicating policies and procedures; and other duties that are assigned.

Duties and Responsibilities

Park secure and retrieve customer’s vehicle in a safe and efficient manner:

  • The issuance of valet tickets for parking and the collection of payments for parking.
  • Accept the keys to vehicles and provide claim ticket.
  • Check vehicles to insure that there are no previous damages.
  • Control and monitor incoming and outgoing traffic.
  • Follows proper procedures on time sheets.
  • Is properly equipped with tickets and supplies.
  • Valet area is well maintained.
  • Ensuring all keys are accounted for at the end of the shift.
  • Securing all keys that are accepted.
  • Report any and all discrepancies to Area Managers and/or Night Supervisors.
  • All customers orders and service inquiries and needs are dealt with properly and expeditiously.
  • Maintain the cleanliness of assigned location’s booth, equipment and surroundings.
  • Communicating policies and procedures:
  • Training on policies and procedures for new trainees, whenever scheduled.
  • Explain policies and procedures for parking to all customers.
  • Provide key checks (nightly).
  • Performs other duties that are assigned.


  • Possesses a valid drivers license.
  • Oral and written communications and interpersonal skills.
  • Able to drive standard vehicles.
  • Organizational skills

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