Parking Management Services

The key to ProPark’s success, aside from being the island’s leader in customer service excellence, is our commitment to our clients. ProPark’s core purpose is “to assist our clients in accomplishing their goals”. With this in mind, we whole heartedly commit ourselves to ensure our client’s satisfaction in our performance and the handling of their property, tenants and customers. We accomplish this through PRO-ACTIVE MANAGEMENT, eliminating problems before they occur and by expedient resolution should they occur.

Attendant Service

Accessing Hawaii’s best trained parking attendants who specialize customer service excellence.


Improving parking efficiency and maximizing profits.


Keeping your property at peak efficiency with an aesthetic appearance.


Ensuring that your property is gaining its maximum revenue.

Layout & Design

Maximizing the use of space at your property to maximize profit capacity.

Reveune Control

Utilization of current technology in revenue control and parking equipment.

Unmanned Operation

Simplifying operations with high-tech revenue controls and consistent and able checkers.